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Dublin: 01 4551866 | Waterford: 051 365999 | Wexford: 053 9192999

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8 of the worst foods for Dentures

Denture Care and Food

Bad food choices can affect not only your health but also your oral health. Here are the 8 worst and 8 best foods for your dentures.

Nut butters (bad) – Hummus (good)
Raw fruits (bad) – whole fruit smoothie (good)
Steak (bad) – Piece meal (good)
Seeded bread or cracker (bad) – Baked in goodness (good)
Nuts (bad) – Pitted olives (good)
Sticky candy (bad) – Sugar free gum (good)
Popcorn (bad) – Air puffed veggie crisps (good)
Coffee & tea (bad) – curb the caffeine or switch to decaf (good)

Currently, we offer a Free denture consultation. During the consultation you get to meet with one of our denture specialists and discuss all your options and all the queries you might have.
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