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Dublin: 01 4551866 | Waterford: 051 365999 | Wexford: 053 9192999

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Afraid of Dentures? Let’s Face Up To It!

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of dentures

Nowadays, dentures don’t discriminate by age. We see people of all ages wearing dentures for several reasons and they are a fantastic replacement for natural teeth. For many, the transition from having teeth to wearing dentures can be traumatic, but we make it easy and seamless.

Worry about Dentures slipping out
Denture falling out or slipping is one of the most popular stories told about dentures. It has happened to people while talking, laughing, or even coughing, in the middle of a dinner, or of an important meeting.

That might have been true for our grandfathers’ dentures or simply when dentures are old or not fitting anymore. Dental Tech Groups’ bespoke dentures are made with high standard materials and they fit each patient perfectly and snugly. So, if you experience slipping or falling dentures, it’s time to book in with us!

Cannot enjoy your favourite foods
Many people fear that with dentures they won’t be able to enjoy their favourite food. This is not true! Actually, research shows that dentures contribute to improve patients’ nutrition. Wearing a denture that fits perfectly, allows you to enjoy a great range of foods and get a proper nutrition. That’s why we place such importance on making dentures that function properly.

Are dentures uncomfortable
Another myth that you might come across is that you will never get used to them.

It might require few days to get you to feel comfortable with your new dentures. That’s for both new and experienced denture wearers. Dental Tech’s dentures are designed to have a superior fit and make you feel comfortable and confident and most importantly they feel like a replacement of your natural teeth; you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Will Everyone know that you are wearing dentures
Many people believe that once you have the dentures, everyone will be able to notice that you have them;

Once again this is not true nowadays. Dentures now have realistic appearance and perfect fit, so no one can tell that you have them. Moreover, any possible signs of dentures can be eliminated by proper cleaning and maintenance. We make dentures that look like your natural teeth!

Will dentures make you feel and look older
The truth is that dentures bring back confidence and makes you look even younger. Perfect fitted dentures offer support to your facial structure (eliminate jawbone loss) and reserve the typical signs of aging. So, it’s like getting a mini facelift if you like. We can add more support around the lips and cheeks to get a fuller effect if you like! And remember, we never finish a denture until you’ve approved the trial stage so you’ll be sure you love your dentures with us!

Dental Tech Group is here to help what’s missing. We make dentures that will give you back the confidence you had before losing your teeth. We are changing people’s lives! Give us a call on on 01 4551866 and Book your FREE denture consultation!

Dental Tech Denture Clinics

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WEXFORD – The Whitemill Medical Centre, Wexford – Call 053 9192999

WATERFORD – Waterford Health Park, Waterford – Call 051 365999

KILDARE – Vista Primary Care, Naas, Kildare – Call 01 4551866

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