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Why Oral Health in older adults is Important

5 Facts You Should Know About Oral Health

When older people become less able to self-manage due to issues of functional dependence, physical weakness, mental impairment and medical co-morbidity, the risk of poor oral health increases

Aging population is increasingly retaining at least some of their natural teeth. However, as their ability to self-manage oral hygiene decreases, their risk of infection and oral disease increases

Oral health is linked to general health and quality of life

Oral Health consultations of older people are essential for identification of issues and implementation of treatment on time

Simple oral health strategies can assist with promoting and maintaining good oral health

Why Oral Health In older adults is Important
Aging population is increasingly retaining their natural teeth. That results in an increase of the need for optimal oral health.

Older adults are more likely to face oral disease which can be in part due to reduced dexterity, reduced mobility, increase in sugary foods and changes/increases in medication. Oral health care for older people is usually more complicated from previous dental history, along with crown or/and bridge work, implants and dentures.

Oral Health impacts on other areas of health and oral conditions involving teeth, gums and dentures can have a significant impact on the overall well-being and quality of life:

Poor Oral health can cause difficulties with eating and can affect nutritional intake, body weight, thus skin disease and strength and mobility issues.

Oral health may also affect behaviour and mood, especially when it comes to people with dementia who face difficulties in expressing their discomfort and pain.

Poor oral health is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and pneumonia of aspiration. Aspiration pneumonia appears to be primary cause of morbidity and mortality for hospitalised and institutionalised vulnerable older people.

Poor oral health leads to bad breath and affects people’s ability to speak, feel comfortable and happy with their appearance and to socialize.

Chronic oral infection can complicate the medical treatment of general diseases such as diabetes, respiratory diseases and chronic heart failure.

Medications often cause dry mouth (xerostomia) to older people. That affects eating and speaking, as well as increases the bacteria and infections.

Older people may face various health problems or disabilities that affect their ability to care for their own oral health and often need assistance during their transportation and stay in hospitals/clinics.

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