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Smile Makeover With Dentures

Step By Step Guide To A Smile Makeover With Dentures

Dental Tech are renowned for making bespoke high-quality dentures that fit you really well, function properly so you can eat and chew and look really natural and also give your face, lips and mouth the right support in the right places.

We get lots of queries about dentures, some people ask will dentures change the shape of my face or will dentures fall out, others want to know why dentures are important or how long does it take to get dentures.  We wanted to started answering some of these important questions and what better way than to look at our case studies from existing clients.  So, you might ask, what are the steps when getting dentures and so this is how we did Peter’s smile makeover, step by step.

From outside appearances, Peter’s old dentures didn’t seem too bad. However, this case was all about improving his quality of life and while the dentures didn’t look too bad, they were in fact not fitting well and because of that they were very uncomfortable, moving when eating and getting lots of food caught underneath.  So, we set out to make new dentures that had very much improved fitting, more comfortable. Improving Peter’s quality of life!

Step 1 – First Appointment

Starting the case; old dentures

At the first appointment we reviewed the current dentures and assessed existing problems. We also checked the oral health and we listened to Peter; we work together with our patients because they are the ones wearing the dentures at the end of the day.  We gathered as much information as we could in terms of health, physical condition and based on those we made an assessment of what Peter needed. Then we took an impression/mould of his mouth which would be used to create the base of his new dentures

Peter’s previous dentures were too big for his ridge, his muscles on his cheeks and tongue were lifting the lower denture up whenever he moved his mouth and his upper denture was so thick all around the edges that his cheeks were also pulling the upper plate down making it very difficult to eat. So, all in all not a great set of dentures, they weren’t doing the job they were supposed to do.

Another problem that we had to overcome was the fact that his old set’s back teeth didn’t meet, resulting on dentures rocking sideways and Peter having to follow the dentures when trying to chew his food, rather than the dentures following Peter’s bite.

Step 2 – Second Appointment

set of impressions with our customised tray

On the second appointment, wax models were placed in Peter’s mouth to establish where his teeth meet and register his bite and orientation for the teeth. We worked with Peter to select the size, shape and shade of the teeth for his new denture so that the was comfortable with how they would look.

We took bite registration with the bite blocks and also took the second set of impressions with our customised tray. Our laboratory makes a customized tray from the original mould which is unique for every patient and allows us to take an even more accurate impression. This tray is hand made by our team of experts, that ensures a much higher level of detail that cannot be achieved through the standard trays. We also used a more defined impression material which again gives us a perfect duplicate of the patient’s anatomy and ensures a superb fit.

❗ For the next part the real key to success is to communicate as much of Peters details, desires and as many notes as possible so that our team of experts in our LAB are able to deliver the best result.

Step 3: Try-In 

At this appointment Peter was able to see the mock-up/trial of his new denture.  The teeth he selected at the start were set up in wax and ready to try in as the trial.  This gave Peter a great opportunity to see what his denture would look like before it was finished.

At this stage we overcame another problem that his old dentures had which was that the back teeth didn’t meet on his old set when Peter closed his mouth, now we had the correct position of the teeth for Peters bite and we ensured that the teeth followed Peter’s anatomy and were placed were his natural dentition would have been.  So, replacing what naturally should have or would have been there when Peter had his natural teeth.

“I remember Peter saying that they already felt better than his old set”, our clinical dental Technician shares.

All the checks regarding fitting, biting, phonetics and of course appearance had been done by the end of this appointment.

Step 4: Final Fitting

New denture, new smile

At the fourth appointment we fitted Peter’s new dentures.  You can even see from the pictures the complete different from his old set. At this stage we went through all the checks again to ensure everything was perfect for him.  We shared all our tips about how Peter should care for his new dentures and agreed to meet him for his review.

When Peter came back for his review he said that the fitting was fantastic and that he has had 4 sets in his whole life, this is his fifth and it is the first time that a set of dentures fitted so well from the very beginning. He was able to eat with them from day one!


We managed to improve the fitting thanks to the secondary moulds/impressions with the custom trays that we have in Dental tech. This helps us get the best fit that we can get for every individual case.

We also managed to get a superb articulation at the back which will improve his biting and chewing and therefor his digestion while making his eating and daily life in general more pleasant experience.

In terms of look we went for a similar set up and shade so there wouldn’t be a too obvious change that some people may notice.

We also gave a high polished all around the new set, this is a coating that acts as a shield and protect the acrylic from absorbing germs, so the dentures will be kept cleaner and more hygienic.

In addition, we relocated the post dam and changed the design of it which will help to build up the suction in a more effective way.

We are excited about the great result had been achieved and so Peter will be able enjoy his life more!

We will be seen Peter again on our standard check up to ensure that the settling process takes place perfectly and that Peter is enjoying his brand-new smile.

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