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Dublin: 01 4551866 | Waterford: 051 365999 | Wexford: 053 9192999

Implant retained overdentures
Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures are a great solution for denture wearers.  For our patients who have experienced extensive tooth loss, we generally recommend a couple of implants to help stabilise and tighten your removable dentures

The traditional dentures we make for you are a great fit and can have very good suction, however an implant-retained denture can offer additional security and can guarantee a tight fit.  Usually this is done with a number of small Dental Implants, usually two to four on the lower jaw and four to six on the upper jaw.

What are implant retained overdentures?

Implant retained overdentures represent a great treatment option for many patients who require additional security for their dentures to secure the fit and to make their dentures tight

There are number of attachments that are used to connect the implants to the denture

What are the indications of removable Implant overdenture?

Individuals who have smaller support area, often on a relatively flat ridge, surrounded by active muscles of tongue and lips.  In particular patients who have been wearing dentures for many years and/or those with a resorbed ridge.

They may be specifically indicated in patients with altered anatomy, neuromuscular disorders and a pronounced gag reflex.

What are the advantages of implant retained dentures?

Implant retained dentures are tight and less likely to slip while eating or speaking, they add additional security for conventional dentures.

There is no need for denture adhesive with implant supported denture.

It preserves bone quantity and quality.

What are the hygiene maintenance protocol for removable implant- retained dentures?

  • Daily denture cleaning as per our recommended denture cleaning guidelines.
  • Professional implant cleaning twice per year with our dental team
  • Probe the implant at recall visits
  • Radiographs of implant once a year
  • Photograph areas of concern for future comparison
  • Check the need for relines once a year

What are the other benefits of implant supported Dentures?

  • Improved confidence
  • Stability during eating
  • Bone and gum preservation

 How can I get implant supported Dentures?

In order to get started we would initially carry out a full examination of your mouth as part of your consultation.  Then we would arrange for x-rays to check the suitability of your bone for the implants.

Once we have confirmed suitability, we can proceed to make your new dentures.  Ideally we want to ensure the dentures fit and function properly and also look amazing before we place any implants, that way we design your implants around your ideal smile and not fit your smile around your implants. 

GajendraArticle written by Dr. Gajendra Veeraraghavan, dentist at Dental Tech Group.

Currently, we offer a Free denture consultation. During the consultation you get to meet with one of our denture specialists and discuss all your options and all the queries you might have.
Please phone first as pre-screening is essential for the protection, health and welfare of our team. Our Phone lines will be open from 8.30am to 5.30pm for any enquiries or support you may need!

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