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Dublin: 01 4551866 | Waterford: 051 365999 | Wexford: 053 9192999

Are my parent’s oral care needs being met in a nursing home?

When your parent is in the nursing home it is important that all medical needs are met, including dental. Many nursing homes do not have adequate oral health programmes which is a problem as poor denture and oral health can cause a range of problems that will affect the quality of life of your loved one.

In most instances, residents are unable to advocate for their own best care. It is important therefore that you do.

Residents with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, reduced motor skills are unable to brush their teeth or clean their dentures, they are also often unable to explain that they have a toothache or discomfort. In many cases, even when pain is recognised, immobility restricts access to dental clinics, so this pain can persist.


Poor oral health affects an older person’s ability to chew and eat a variety of foods. This causes poor dietary intake and weight loss. Discomfort from poor oral health disrupts sleep and the ability to relax. 


In fact, there are over 100 systemic diseases that have oral manifestations, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, respiratory infections, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and nutritional problems. This is a bidirectional relationship, and the link is inflammation.

We are specialists in Mobile Geriatric Denture & Oral Care. We support residents in over 100 nursing homes in the comfort and safety of their own surroundings. We ensure that our ageing population can eat, chew, speak, smile with dignity.

It’s time to refuel and rebuild the strength of residents in long term residential care.


Are your parent’s denture and dental needs being met in their nursing home? 

Maybe it’s time to ask?

It’s our guess that you feel your parent deserves it


Article by Saoirse O’Reilly, Customer Relationship Manager at Dental Tech Group

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