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Dublin: 01 4551866 | Waterford: 051 365999 | Wexford: 053 9192999

Oral care in Nursing Homes
Oral Care in Nursing Homes. How did it make you feel?

Have you a loved one in a Nursing Home or Long-Term Residential Care?

Please take a moment to ask yourself the following questions and consider…..how each experience made you feel?

  • Have you ever had a toothache and couldn’t get to a dentist?
  • Have you ever had constant pain in your mouth?
  • Have you had mouth discomfort that stopped you from eating?
  • Has a partner/loved one ever stepped back because you have bad breath or mouth sores?
  • Have you ever had pain and been unable to explain where, or what it was like?
  • Have you ever had someone assume that you were off form for the wrong reason?
  • Have you ever thought “This is too much, I have to explain my pain or upset to someone” and then forgotten?

Oral Health is on the agenda in every care home, however very often residents are vulnerable and just unable to explain what ails them, they might not even know. Ensuring that your loved one has access to a proactive oral care programme removes their responsibility to manage this part of their overall care programme.

Regular Oral Health assessments will highlight plaque, decay, gum disease, ulcers, oral cancers before they become real issues. Denture assessments will recognise ill-fitting, broken, plaque build-up or lost dentures which can all affect gums, tissue, and a resident’s ability to eat, chew, swallow, speak without pain and with dignity.

Remember how discomfort in the mouth has ever made you feel!

Don’t leave it to guesswork, ensure that your loved one has access to oral care that will enable them to have a good night’s sleep and be able to live their best lives in their new surroundings.

Dental Tech offer Denture & Dental care to our ageing population in the comfort of their homes or residential care facilities

  1. Our mobile teams visit Care Homes and offer facility-wide Proactive Oral Care Programmes to all residents.
  2. Our mobile teams can visit your loved one at home or in their care home.
  3. We offer a TeleDental service for emergency assessments.

For appointments and more information nursinghome@dentaltech.ie 01 455 1866  www.dentaltech.ie 

Article by Saoirse O’Reilly, Customer Relationship Manager at Dental Tech Group

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