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Caring for an ageing parent
Caring for an ageing parent sometimes means helping them to brush their teeth

Caring for ageing parents can be challenging and it requires a lot of crucial decisions. Denture and Oral Care should be high on the list of priorities as neglecting the mouth can create many issues that may make it difficult to eat, chew, swallow, speak. Oral cancers can be lurking unnoticed and untreated. Poor Oral Health is also directly linked to stroke, diabetes, pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, and social issues like poor self-esteem, issues with sleeping, and much more.

Maintaining a proactive daily routine is something we do every day of our lives but it becomes more difficult as we get older. One either forgets or can often lose the dexterity for self-care.

Whether your parent is at home, living alone or in a nursing home – You Can Help!

Dental Tech is Ireland’s Leading dental group specialising in Denture & Oral care for our ageing population. Whilst we offer home and nursing home visits, we have created Irelands only Online Oral Care Training Programme specifically aimed at oral care for older adults. This course has been created for nurses and carers in any residential facility, it is simple, intuitive, and the tools we present are valuable for any carer.

You will gain practical knowledge on;

  • What is oral health / poor oral health?
  • How to prepare for daily oral care of an elderly person
  • Dry Mouth – cause & treating
  • How to clean dentures

Beyond the general health consequences, maintaining the acceptable oral health of older adults is essential for function, both physically and to facilitate social interaction. These elements are crucial to ensure that our loved ones dignity is maintained towards the end of their lives.

Don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining and replacing dentures.

The right set can bring a new lease of life, bring back the cheeky confident smile and enable one to eat and speak with dignity.


Dental Tech offer Denture & Dental care to our ageing population in the comfort of their homes or residential care facilities

  1. Our mobile teams visit Care Homes and offer facility-wide Proactive Oral Care Programmes to all residents.
  2. Our mobile teams can visit your loved one at home or in their care home
  3. We offer a TeleDental service for emergency assessments

Article by Saoirse O’Reilly, Customer Relationship Manager at Dental Tech Group

For appointments and more information nursinghome@dentaltech.ie 01 455 1866  www.dentaltech.ie 

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