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3D Printed Dentures

3D Printed Accuracy Dentures

We know what you’re thinking, how did dentures and “digital technology” ever get to be in the same sentence.

3d dentures

While dentures have always been made with very traditional processes that have stood the test of time, there have not been many advances in terms of technology around these processes to help meet customers needs. As a result this has presented limitations in terms of what we can do for patients around the length of time it takes to make a denture. As well as the number of visits that are needed and also for example if you want a spare denture you have to go through all of the same stages as your first denture to get your spare denture.  These present very big limitations when it comes to speed and time-saving.  People have to wait weeks to get new dentures and they have to attend multiple visits with a lot of measurements and a lot of mouth opening in order to get the new dentures.  Does this sound familiar?

After years of research and working with the best technology, software and equipment specialists from around the globe and using our 50 years of denture experience, we have introduced a new way of making dentures. Our new process improves the quality and fit as well as being stronger and more durable material. Best of all less appointments and much less time between starting and getting your new dentures.

And if that’s not enough it is also the first time ever that you can have a spare denture or duplicate copy denture at the click of a button.

3D Designed and Printed Dentures

After your digital impressions are taken, our skilled team will design your dentures and then using 3D Printers and materials specifically designed for dentures and your mouth we will print your dentures, polish and finish them and arrange for your fitting.    The materials we use are high impact materials which means they have the highest strength to protect against breakage if they get dropped or accidentally banged off the tap.  We only use the best material.

OK we may have simplified the process too much so let us reassure you that there is a huge amount of work that goes on in the background but we won’t reveal the magic behind the curtain for now but what you will experience is a denture experience unlike anything before.

Digital Impressions followed by denture design and then Print and Fit

Dental Care for

Nursing Home Residents

Digital dentures are made using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies. This innovative process integrates the treatment steps in the dental chair with the digital manufacturing processes in the dental laboratory.

• Precision

• High Quality

• Durability

• Digital Backup

What are the Benefits of Digital Dentures?

Precision – Digital dentures offer an unparalleled accuracy in denture production, helping us create dentures that match your teeth and gums exactly with no polymerization shrinkage and no thermal influence on the base materials. The results are dentures that feel more comfortable, secure and natural from the moment you put them in.

Durability – We make our digital dentures from materials that provide high impact resistance and durability.

Consistency – Whether it’s your first set of dentures or your tenth, our system enables us to create the same set of dentures multiple times with no variation in design and fit. It’s the best solution if you want more than one set of dentures or replacements.

Convenience – Digital dentures are typically faster to make than traditional dentures. They are an excellent option for those who need quality dentures sooner rather than later.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions decrease patient discomfort considerably when compared with conventional physical impressions. The digital scan eliminates the need for materials and impression trays, which are often uncomfortable for patients. Conventional physical impressions may cause temporary discomfort, as the technique requires the material to be in the mouth until it sets. Patients with strong gag reflexes or excess saliva and children are the least likely to tolerate conventional impression procedures. With digital impressions, If the patient is experiencing discomfort, the scan can be paused and restarted as often as needed.

Additionally, digital impressions prevent the need to retake impressions, which create more patient discomfort and prolong the appointment. Intraoral scans eliminate the need to pour the model in stone in addition to selecting different tray sizes, disinfecting trays, sending impressions to labs, and enduring significant wait times. Digital impressions are filed electronically and indefinitely, reducing the space needed for storing impressions and models. Intraoral scans can simply be deleted and re-scanned immediately without having to repeat the whole procedure.

The use of intraoral scanners enables better patient education, improved esthetic quality, and increased patient comfort. They reduce the chair time required for treatment and produce highly efficient and accurate images. Digital imaging/impressions and CAD/CAM technology are invaluable to improve efficiency and ensure cohesive care.

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