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Spare Dentures in Dublin

Spare Dentures

Dentures break, dentures get mis-placed. There is no story about broken or lost dentures that we have not heard and believe it or not the chances are your story is more common than you think.

spare denture

Spare dentures can be a


We have had “doggy dentures”, Yes, the amount of dentures chewed or eaten by dogs is more than you think. Sneaking that hard toffee or that chocolate covered Brazil nut resulting in a broken denture or tooth popping off your denture is also quite common. We even know of a few people who have lost their dentures swimming in the sea or while on holidays.

Whatever the reason may be, and even without something terrible happening to your dentures you need to have a spare set.

Can you imagine

having only one pair of shoes?

Dentures are a bit like shoes!

Like shoes, dentures should be the right size for you, they should fit you properly, they shouldn’t slip Or drop down Or rock from side to side Or give you sores and blisters Or embarrass you in any way. Dentures should do the job they’re supposed to do so Dentures should function properly so you can eat and chew through food and they should look great, like they were meant to be there; Dentures should make you feel great!


And just on a side note you wouldn’t wear your shoes to bed so Ideally you shouldn’t wear dentures to bed. And while we’re at it you wouldn’t wear the same shoes day in day out for more than 5 years so you should probably consider changing your dentures at least within every 5 years which is their recommended life span. Would you have only one pair of shoes?

Should I have a spare duplicate

copy set of dentures?

For the first time ever, Denture wearers can now have a duplicate set of dentures.  Imagine having a spare set that are identical to the set you have. Imagine the peace of mind and at a cost that’s affordable. Imagine you’re on holiday, in hospital or residential care and you break or lose a denture and you have no other set to wear. Now, wherever you are you can now bring a spare set of copy dentures with you in case of emergencies.

At Dentaltech, we can copy an existing set of dentures that you are happy with. So if you have dentures that fit you really well and feel great and look amazing and you want Peace of Mind we can make a duplicate set of these that are identical. Or if you need new dentures you can avail of our free denture consultation and when we make your new amazing dentures we can also make you a duplicate set at that point too. So two sets of really well fitting dentures that look amazing.

We have put the time in to this process so you don’t have to, we can make you an instant replacement.

After years of research and development spearheaded by our experienced team, we have perfected the duplication process to bring you a spare set of dentures unrivalled through the most advanced digital technology available from around the globe.

We use the most advanced scanning and 3D printing technology to capture the exact shape of your mouth and produce the most accurate and also aesthetic solution for you.   

And not only that, but we retain a digital record of your new denture and so if for any reason you need an instant replacement, we can do this at the click of a button. This has never been available before in the history of dentistry.

This is a really exciting workflow, getting your new dentures and your spare/emergency denture. We can do it faster and better.

High-quality spare dentures, full or partial denture implants in Dublin

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Advantages of a Copy Denture

  • Peace of mind – you have a backup in case of emergencies.
  • Never before has it been available for you to have an identical copy of your dentures without having to go through all the same appointments and fittings
  • Copy dentures more often than not require no adjusting after the finish.
  • Cots for a copy/duplicate/spare denture are lower

The spare dentures for every

new denture we make is less than ½ price

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