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Dublin: 01 4551866 | Waterford: 051 365999 | Wexford: 053 9192999

Composite Veneers in Dublin

Composite Veneers

Are you looking for a smile make over while keeping your natural teeth? Would you like to improve the appearance of slightly crooked teeth in a fraction of the time of other treatments? Then maybe composite veneers are for you!

Composite veneers are made of a composite,

resin material applied to your teeth so there is little

or no prep needed on your natural teeth.

Composite veneers are a great way for a spectacular improvement of the appearance, shape and colour of your teeth. Veneers are a long-lasting solution for chipped, broken, discoloured or uneven sized teeth. It is also a great solution for covering the gaps between teeth , fixing a tooth that you have always wanted to fix or a complete Hollywood smile makeover.

It doesn’t take very long for our dentist to prepare your teeth for application of composite veneers as tooth reduction in most cases is not necessary and the application process is considered low invasive and fast healing.

Composite veneers are going to

enhance the natural beauty of

of your teeth.

They will not ruin your normal teeth and are built up to match your smile chairside and you are involved all the way through the process

Composite Veneers is a pain free procedure; no anaesthesia is needed. Depending on the results you desire, in some cases some tooth preparation/reduction may be necessary but this is discussed with you before your treatment commences.


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Who choose Composite Veneers?

  • Repair a chipped or crack on your tooth
  • Quick results as veneers are made and fitted in two dental visits.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to staining resistant veneer material.
  • Change your smile to a whiter shade
  • Have Hollywood Smile makeover in less visits than other available treatments

Give your smile a makeover

Want to enhance your appearance and improve your confidence?

Now you can with our non-invasive treatment involving Composite Veneers, all made and fitted at our Dublin Dental Tech clinic

Start your journey to a perfect smile

by calling our dental professionals

on 01-455 1866

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