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Denture Care In Your Home

Oral Scans/ Your Digital Impressions

We know what you’re thinking, how did dentures and “digital technology” ever get to be in the same sentence.

oral scans

While dentures have always been made with very traditional processes that have stood the test of time, there have not been many advances in terms of technology around these processes to help meet customers needs. As a result this has presented limitations in terms of what we can do for patients around the length of time it takes to make a denture. As well as the number of visits that are needed and also for example if you want a spare denture you have to go through all of the same stages as your first denture to get your spare denture.  These present very big limitations when it comes to speed and time-saving.  People have to wait weeks to get new dentures and they have to attend multiple visits with a lot of measurements and a lot of mouth opening in order to get the new dentures.  Does this sound familiar?

A New Way Of Making Dentures

After years of research and working with the best technology, software and equipment specialists from around the globe and using our 50 years of denture experience, we have introduced a new way of making dentures. Our new process improves the quality and fit as well as being stronger and more durable material. Best of all less appointments and much less time between starting and getting your new dentures.

And if that’s not enough it is also the first time ever that you can have a spare denture or duplicate copy denture at the click of a button.

Your digital impressions!

Let me know if this sounds familiar:  At your dental visit your clinician is explaining something to you while they are also looking in your mouth so this makes it difficult for a conversation to take place, Right? Now we can take your digital impression and show this to you on a large screen. This way we can have a chat together while looking at your oral scan together on the screen.

If you haven’t heard of digital impressions before or even had digital impressions taken then you definitely need to book in for yours.

Intra Oral Scanning!

We use IOS technology or otherwise called Intra Oral Scanning which is so much more than just taking a digital impression. The scanner is one of those fantastic tools that benefit everybody.

Scanned images are taken and you can see everything on a large screen which makes it easier for you to see what we can do for you and how you can have the smile you have always wanted.

Scanning is a very safe, quick and easy way of getting an instant 3D image of your mouth.

Scanning also allows us to monitor your oral health, something that is very important for your overall health. We can record scans so we can detect tooth wear and gingival changes which are critical for a clinical evaluation and helps with your treatment plan.

The 3D image lets us explain and design the smile in a way that you can actually see how it is going to be and you can be part of the whole process. We need and want you to be part of it and get involved. We can create the smile that you always wanted together.

Scanning gives us predictability on the results, removing the ‘guess’ factor that some patients are worried about.

Digital scanning gives us an edge on traditional impression techniques and materials which are by nature perishable.

The accuracy of the oral scan is remarkable. Scanning is going to revolutionize the way dentures are made.

Our bespoke dentures have been life-changing for patients…