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Truefit Veneers Aftercare Instructions


Truefit Veneers Aftercare Instructions

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How to care for your Truefit Veneers

Maintaining your Oral Health is paramount to your Overall Health and your Truefit Veneers form a large part of your Oral Health. Did you know that any dental devices like orthodontic retainers, dentures, teeth whitening trays and removeable veneers develop a Biofilm overtime which is similar to that found on Natural Teeth, including Plaque, Stain and Calculus and regular washing is not sufficient on its own to remove this Biofilm. We want to make it easy for you maintain your Oral Health with these easy steps

The DO’s and DON’Ts of what you need to do!

1. DO Wash your Truefit Veneers in warm soapy water at least Twice a day in a large plastic (flat based) tub or preferably after every meal as well to remove food particles and debris, normal dish washing liquid or soap is sufficient.  

2. DON’T use boiling water as this will distort your Truefit Veneers, use hand hot warm water.

3. DON’T wash them in the sink if you can avoid it — dropping in the sink or banging off the tap is the most common reason for breaking or chipping your dental device, even if it doesn’t break at the time it will weaken the veneers causing it to break over time, usually within a couple of weeks of the bang or drop. If you must use the sink then place a clean towel or facecloth into the sink so if you drop your veneers, they have a soft landing.  

4. DON’T use tooth paste on your Truefit Veneers as this can be too abrasive and may remove the shine from the Truefit Veneers surface.  Remember Tooth Paste is designed for your natural tooth enamel.

5. DO Use a plastic flat based tub specifically for your Truefit Veneers and fill with the warm soapy water. Use a spare new tooth brush, just for your Truefit Veneers to ensure you get into the hard to reach areas. And remember, rinse thoroughly after washing to remove the soapy water.

6. DO Disinfect your Truefit Veneers at least twice per week for 15 minutes using our Nitradine Ortho Disinfectant tablets. Remember, most over the counter disinfectants contain a mild bleaching agent which can overtime change the colour of your Truefit Veneers. So avoid leaving your Truefit Veneers soaking overnight in any solution other than fresh water or in your clean container. 

7. DO Leave your Truefit Veneers’s out over night to allow the gums and tissue of your mouth to breath. This promotes oral health. This also reduces the risk of fracturing or breaking if you grind or clench your teeth at night.