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best clinic in dublin
Best Dental Clinic in Dublin

Why do we believe we are the best Dental Clinic in Dublin? 

In our clinics, we are renowned for making bespoke high-quality dentures for our patients to improve their quality of life. Helping them to eat and socialise with confidence while looking great. Dental Tech are the first dental clinic in Ireland to be certified Lucitone Digital Print laboratory. Not only in Ireland but in Europe. We are very proud to be able to offer our clients 3D dentures that are Natural and realistic looking.They are also more comfortable than conventional dentures. 

Dental Tech are the best dental clinic in Dublin because technology is on our side. We believe that working with the latest advanced technology will improve people’s lives in Ireland. By being our client, you will be part of every step of your 3D denture from your first free appointment to designing your denture. We are very proud of what we can give to our clients which is the ability to EAT, CHEW, and SPEAK comfortably. 

Dental Tech Group is an innovative clinic and paving its way for a new model in dentistry. Now, services are delivered to people in nursing homes, home care and corporate employee services in Ireland. 

Dental Tech Group has a portable dental and denture service, which provides access to dental and dentures solutions to everyone. 

Education and training programmes were made for nursing home staff and carers to improve the quality of life for their residents by delivering complete oral care plans to guarantee the daily routine can be carried out.  

Dental Tech Group provides services to nursing homes more than 100 nursing homes in South Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Meath and Louth looking after more than 5,000 residents.  

For home care Dental and Denture Teams come fully equipped and ready to provide dental and denture care in the comfort of your home in same counties that is offered nursing home care. 

Dental tech Group team has over 150 years of combined experience, which also deliver an online service where you can connect with our dentists. The team will be in touch to each one of the patients in case of dental emergency. 

To access the Tele Dentist service, you just need to be in the comfort of your own home. We offer a range of Online consultations with the team to help support patients with any of their dental or denture issues. 

You can now book and attend the following appointments online now or book your next visit in our clinic also: 

  1. Dental / Oral exam/assessment/prescription
    ONLINE (TeleDental) or In Clinic
  2. Denture consultation/oral screening ONLINE (TeleDental) or In Clinic
  3. Denture Repair Consultation ONLINE (TeleDental) or In Clinic

Dental Tech Group has been acknowledged with the following honours and awards over the last few years: 


  • Business Excellence Award for the Best team (2010)
  • Shortlisted for Irish Dentistry Awards for Best Dental Lab (2012) 
  • Shortlisted for EMEA Business Excellence Award for Best Manufacturer/ Wholesaler (2016) 
  • Overall Winner of the All-Star Small Business Award (2018) 
  • Winner of All-Star Best Health Business Award (2019) 
  • Finalists in the Irish Dentistry Awards (2020) 

    With all this been said and done, we believe we are the best Dentures/Dentist clinic because our innovative thinking and alliance with technology. We offer services for nursing homes, home care, and in all dental tech group clinics and the tele dentists. 

    It’s not only great service we provide we have provided the latest technology for you to have the most comfortable denture journey. Dental Tech Group believes that people should CHEW, EAT, and SPEAK with confidence.

    Watch now a video about Lucitone digital print laboratory, which is the first outside Canada and US. 

    Book now with us and be part of this milestone!! 

    We are specialised in dentures in all our clinics from Dublin, Waterford, and Wexford. We offer Natural-looking dentures from our multi-award-winning Dublin 6W denture clinic.   

    Here in Dental Tech, we have the most recent dental technology and over 50 years of experience, providing dentures that look natural and fit great. 

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