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Teeth infection
The 10 Most Deadly Causes Of Infection

How to stop yourself from infecting yourself

Twenty tiny fingers, a cute song from some years ago. Not so cute today in this covid19 era when our fingers can be the most deadly conductors of the virus.

The 3 pathways of Covid19: There are three pathways

The virus is transmitted into your body via your mouth, your nose and your eyes.  Your ten fingers are in constant contact with all surfaces you touch in your life.  Keeping them clean is the most important part of your daily hygiene routine.  Washing your hands frequently with water and soap for twenty seconds is the recommended best practice.  Sing happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me – twice – will give the length of time required. 

We touch our face without thinking, to rub or scratch an irritation, to wipe a runny nose or to dry our eyes.  We moisten our fingers in our mouth to turn pages in a book or newspaper and automatically lick our fingers after a sticky treat or ice cream.  These are things we should try to avoid doing.

How to help combat Covid19

Wearing a mask can also give some protection.  It provides a barrier to your hands for 2 of the transmitters.  You can’t accidentally touch your nose or mouth when you wear a mask.  It also stops sneezes from both directions, from inside and outside the mask.  Using clean tissues to wipe eyes may help to prevent our fingers spreading any infection.  Think twice before you wipe and dispose of tissue in a bin or flush down the toilet – then wash your hands.

Mary DirectorArticle by Mary Mahon, Director and Co-Owner of Dental Tech Group
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