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TeleDentistry Is Here To Stay

TeleDental Appointments Available

The pandemic is speeding up the need and use of TeleMedicine and TeleDentistry. In some countries this technology is still in its infancy, but the current situation is accelerating the need for this service. Within some countries national health services the system is limited and has been moving slowly. However, as health services get overwhelmed it will push the development of online appointments faster than ever before.

The current pandemic has forced us to check on certain cases over the phone or video conference. This has contributed to patients asking for advice for other pathologies too, and dentistry is certainly one of those fields. Reducing the physical contact and the need for travel. As there is no need to be physically present at the clinic for some of the appointments. Over the last few weeks, we have seen a huge increase in the development of this technology and it is here to stay.

In the future we won’t see teledoctor or teledentistry as something new. It will be normal for us to pick up the phone and talk to our doctor or dentist. This is so evident in dentistry. There are so many questions and issues that can be dealt with over a video conference. You will need to come to the clinic for the treatment only. But, all initial consultations, denture repairs, advice or follow ups will be done virtually.

What is happening across Europe?

National Health Services from European countries have been slow to develop a clear strategy for to access digital teledentistry appointments. Two years ago in Great Britain NHS Direct was established to offer video consultations. In Spain they are only starting now but the budget is small and limited to certain regions of the country. In Madrid some hospitals already have the service in place and they are better prepared to accommodate the higher volume of patients. It gives hospitals more flexibility, more options and offers patients shorter waiting time and faster access to treatment. This is not only for covid-19 patients but also for all other patients that have ongoing treatment as well as new ones.

This system would also suit patients that don’t need to go to the clinic for appointments like those waiting for results. These patients will be able to see their results online and can talk to the specialist on a video call. During this call a discussion can take place and adjustments to medication can be done if needed.

Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has also exposed that access to primary care where the appointment is not urgent can also be improved. Visits can be managed more effectively reducing the volume of physical appointments and waiting lists. This will also help people who need carers to attend the clinic, or those who have mobility issues. Not forgetting all of those who live in remote areas of the country where the nearest clinic is miles away. In regions where clinics have closed, patients can have now access to top clinicians from the comfort of their own home.

In the private sector the current crisis has pushed the development of medical platforms. For example, in Spain the App MyDoctor with a client base of 500 doctors has seen a 30-fold increase in the number of visits over the last few weeks.

There is also a platform that offers these services to schools, hotels, companies and airlines. They give quick and easy access to medical care, as the new technology moves forward doctors can also consult remotely in real time.

Sanitas a private health provider that introduced the service back in 2016 is providing more than 5000 video consults a day. This is a dramatic improvement as before Covid-19 it would have been around 300 per day. Prompting the need to increase the number of clinical staff to cover the huge demand.

We are very proud at Dental Tech to be able to offer this service, allowing us to look after you faster and more efficiently. 

Mario ViverosArticle by Mario Viveros, Clinical Dental Technician at Dental Tech Group

We offer an online consultation with our team to help discuss or support our patients with any of their dental or denture issues without having to leave their house. 

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