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How dentures works?
How dentures works?

Have you ever asked yourself how dentures work? How do they stay in place?


Here at Dental Tech, we are recognized for providing bespoke, high-quality dentures which enhance both health and quality of life. Our experienced team of dentists and dental technicians helps clients improve oral health while instilling confidence to speak clearly, smile confidently and enjoy a healthy diet.


What is a denture?


Dentures replace lost or missing teeth; they can be “Full” and “Partial.”

The ranges available are a ‘full’ denture that replaces all the natural teeth in the upper / lower jaw. The “partial” denture replaces teeth that are missing and can sometimes be supported by the teeth you have left. Dentures can be either acrylic or metal.

How does a denture stay in your mouth?


Let’s clarify a couple of points! No adhesives are used and neither do dentures require surgery to make them stay in place.

Dentures don’t float around the mouth as a strong seal is created naturally by your mouth shape, saliva and the denture itself. The suction is built on taking a unique, detailed impression of your gums. When a client bites down, the air goes out and their wet mouth tissue holds the denture in place, creating firm suction that holds them in place regardless of what an individual may be doing with their mouth.

It is a highly effective technique which allows us to avoid having to use adhesives or surgery for implants. They’re an ideal 5-year solution that many clients find easy to manage. We recommend our bespoke, high-quality dentures, but this doesn’t mean that other solutions are not viable for our clients.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures have clasps that wrap around the tooth to keep it securely in place. Partial dentures stay in place by connecting a set of synthetic teeth to natural teeth to substitute any missing teeth.

Why might your denture not stay in place?

One of the critical issues related to the denture not staying in place is that some clients suffer from a dry mouth, which reduces the increase of the saliva needed to build and keep suction.  Consumption of multiple medications may cause dry mouth. The issue can also arise if a weak lower ridge does not permit the denture to become stable along the lower jaw.

Denture Customization – See what’s new!

Dentures require precise measurement of your mouth, gums, and teeth.

Up to relatively recently, the traditional moulding process involved your dental technician using a dense and sticky material to create your impression. As soon as the material was in your mouth, it solidified quickly. It’s not a painful process but it could trigger a gag reflex. After a few minutes, the mould would be removed from your mouth. Your denture would then be customised to your specific mouth measurements.

Great news though, now that Digital impressions are available, your mouth can be scanned and a screen will display the exact physical aspect of your mouth. No traditional moulding required.

Digital scans significantly reduce client discomfort when compared with traditional impressions.

The use of intraoral scanners allows better client education, improved aesthetic quality, and increased patient comfort. They reduce the chair time needed for treatment and produce highly efficient and accurate images.

Our Dental Technician, Mario Viveros shared his thought on this modern

Mario Viveros

Mario Viveros

Clinical Dental Technician

“I am amazed by people’s reaction when they see for the first time on the screen, their own mouth. It triggers so many questions and it helps people to get more involved with their treatment. It’s a phenomenal communication tool between patients and clinicians. For me, personally, explaining what I am going to do at the beginning of the treatment, during the consultation and then again on every appointment, it’s a crucial part of my job and it’s something that people appreciate. I want and I need my patients to get involved in their treatment as much as possible. This communication significantly improves results, making an enormous impact on the smile that we are creating and the levels of comfort that we want to achieve. The 3D image lets me explain and design the smile in a way that you can see how it is going to be and you can be part of it. I need you to be part of it and get involved. We can create the smile that you always wanted together.”

Find out if you’re a candidate for dentures today by scheduling a free consultation with us. One of our highly trained denturists would be happy to go over your medical history with you and decide what the next step is from there.

Here in Dental Tech, we have the most recent dental technology and over 50 years of experience, providing dentures that look natural and fit perfectly.

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