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Happy Woman
A Denturous Drama with a Happy Ending

Dentures In A Day

A Denturous Drama from one of our patients at Dental Tech Group

The first time I met Irene, she was distressed beyond belief. Distraught, crying, desperately searching for help. Irene had been married for 40 years to her wonderful husband, Willie. In that entire time her husband had never seen her without her teeth. Not that Willie would have loved her any less, but Irene had her own personal feelings around wearing dentures.

Roll back a few months and this lovely retired couple had saved up a considerable amount to take a holiday of a lifetime. They were so excited and told everyone and everyone was excited for them too, they were such a lovely couple.

On the second day of the holiday while swimming in the sea, Irene’s top denture came out. It had been loose for some time and she just hadn’t gotten around to replacing it, there wasn’t time. As she went to try catch them her hand upturned the sand and with that her denture disappeared. She couldn’t leave the water, she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t signal what was going on. Eventually, out of sheer necessity left the water and told her husband while holding her scarf over her mouth. She made Willie promise to tell no one, not even the holiday rep.

Dental Tech to the Rescue!

By day four, after spending thousands to get back home, Irene was sitting in our office and wondering if, how, when we could help her. That was possibly the fastest denture we have ever made. We did it in 1 day and it fit Irene better than any denture she had and it looked so natural. She could finally go home to face family and friends and make up some excuse about being sick on the holiday.

This is a true story but for the purposes of anonymity names have been changed. And while this seems extreme, every denture wearer has faced some type of crises with their dentures at some point, whether they are sore, not fitting great, having to wear adhesive, not looking natural. There is help out there, there is no need to persevere and there is absolutely a need to get a spare denture if you don’t have one. This may help you to avoid a denturous drama of your own!

That’s why Dental Tech are offering their Free denture bank with every new denture this Christmas. For more info email clinics@dentaltech.ie or call 01 4551866

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