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Foods Whiten Teeth
7 Foods That Will Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Are there foods and drinks that can help you brighten your smile?

By incorporating certain foods into your diet, you can brighten your smile and whiten your teeth naturally. Let’s find out 7 foods that will help you to whiten your teeth naturally:


Apples contain malic acid, an ingredient that can be found in many types of toothpaste. Malic acid increases saliva which cleans your teeth from bacteria and helps remove stains. Furthermore, the crunch you hear when you bite apples is helping to strengthen your gums.


Pineapple contains bromelain, a compound with anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. Bromelain is an effective ingredient in stain-removing toothpastes.


Strawberries, just like apples have a high concentration of malic acid that helps to remove surface tooth discoloration. Moreover, strawberries are high in vitamin C that can help preventing gum inflammation and periodontal disease.


Lactic acids in cheese  helps your  teeth against future decay. In addition to that, cheese contributes to keep your teeth strong with minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, and protein that guards tooth enamel.


Broccoli contains high levels of iron that provides a wall of protections for your teeth against the enamel degrading acid that produced by bacteria.  Additionally, the fibers that broccoli has helps reduce inflammation in your mouth.

Nuts and seeds

Sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds and cashews have an abrasive texture, which helps to remove surface stains, like a scrub for your teeth.


Water contributes to saliva production, which in turn helps keep your teeth white. Drinking water after meals helps rinse your mouth of any food leftovers and plaque.

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