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Taking care of Dentures
Taking Care Of Your Dentures

Why Should I Take Care Of My Dentures?

A denture is something I wear every day, put it in my mouth and forget about it. But it’s not just something you put in, or on, like a pair of shoes and forget about it. It is one of the most important items you need to get you through the day, doing all the important things like smiling, eating, socialising and last of all working. This is why its really important to take care of your dentures.

It’s there when you greet people, speak to them, have conversations and joke and laugh with friends.  Your denture enhances your life, it supports your face, made correctly and renewed at regular intervals, it may even slow down signs of ageing.  This is the small item worn every day for years and in some cases for decades. So we advise you to take care of your dentures.

This small item is precious and unique to each individual.  Your denture can be likened to your fingerprint.  For those denture wearers who also have some natural teeth and wear partial dentures your bite is unique to you.  In some criminal cases it has even been used to get a conviction!   Rumour has it that many years ago undertakers removed dentures and sold them on, but that’s only a rumour. 

In recent times the importance of wearing pleasant and attractive dentures has become something of a fashion item. Many people in the public eye such as television, film and fashion appear to have the whitest smile ever, whether they wear dentures or not. If you wish you too could have the smile you desire with dentures made in Dentaltech.

So, take care of your denture, whether it is one with a few teeth or replaces all of your teeth.  It is a precision item, made to fit only you, it will serve you well if you take care of it and give you the ability to enjoy life, eat well and smile.

Mary DirectorArticle by Mary Mahon, Director and Co-Owner of Dental Tech Group

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