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Common Dental Conditions in Senior Adults

8 Common Dental Conditions in Senior Adults

Senior adults are more likely to have dentures than younger ones. As we are getting older our health conditions change, including oral health. Changes in body chemistry and other life changes due to the increased use of medications, affect the gums and teeth and can results in dental conditions hardly seen in younger adults.

Common Dental Conditions that appear in senior adults are:

Darkened Teeth

Eating and drinking for a lifetime can results in stained and yellowed or even brown teeth. The discoloration of teeth also appears when enamel layer deteriorates, and dentin reveals. Dentin tends to get darker by time.

Root Decay

The roots of the teeth do not have any protective coat of enamel like the crown of the teeth. They are concealed by gum tissue, so when gum tissue recedes they are exposed and decay fast.

Reduced Sense of Taste

As people getting older, their senses weaken. That includes the sense of taste, as well. Other factors, such as medications and diseases can result in reduced sense of taste.

Dry mouth

Is sometimes referred to as xerostomia and experts say that xerostomia is usually caused by inadequate function of the salivary glands. Dry mouth is increased due to medication or poor oral health. Dry mouth is a common problem as people get older, it is also a frequent side effect of medication, which may improve with a new prescription or an adjustment of dosage. Radiation treatments applied to head, neck or throat to fight cancer, may also result in dry mouth.


Infection of the mouth and throat by a yeast like fungus, causing whitish patches. It can be triggered by certain diseases or medicines.


When dentures don’t fit properly or refitted when needed (e.g. following weight changes), the tissue underneath the denture can be inflamed and painful.

Tooth Loss

It is very common for elderly people and it is mainly caused by gum disease. Loosing teeth affect the bite and can change elderly adults’ eating habits.

Jawbone Loss

Tooth loss, when left unreplaced leads to Jawbone loss. After all, the bite is affected and causes pain and other health issues such as malnutrition. Dentistry for elderly differs from other practices, as for instance pediatric. Older people have different conditions to face and it is suggested a dentist who is experienced in treating these conditions. Dental Tech Group comes fully equipped and ready to provide dental and denture care in the comfort of your home/ nursing home. For further information please do not hesitate to give us a call us on 014551866 or email us at clinics@dentaltech.ie or nursinghome@dentaltech.ie Dental Tech Denture Clinics DUBLIN – Whitehall House, Terenure, Dublin 6W – Call 01 4551866 WEXFORD – The Whitemill Medical Centre, Wexford – Call 053 9192999 WATERFORD – Waterford Health Park, Waterford – Call 051 365999 KILDARE – Vista Primary Care, Naas, Kildare – Call 01 4551866

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