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Dentistry Workplace
Crazy or Perfect sense – A Dental Service in the Workplace?

Would You Like A Dental Service In Your Workplace?

Would you like a dental service in the workplace? With a busy schedule, we know it can be tough to find the time for dental appointments. That’s why we created a second wing to the Dental Tech Group, Corporate Dental. We bring our dental practice directly to you, giving your employees easy access to top quality care.

Whether you need a cleaning want to try whitening or just your annual check-up, we will provide you with the highest quality care from experienced professionals committed to your well-being.

Why a Dental Service in the Workplace?

By providing a Dental Service in the workplace we make it possible for employees to access routine dental treatments without the need to leave their place of work.

– Increases productivity
– Increases employee engagement
– Decrease in absenteeism
– Improved Oral health
– Lower dental treatment costs over time
– Lower chronic disease

Contact us for more information and for details on what is covered for employees.

Call 01 455 1866 or send us an email corporate@dentaltech.ie

Studies have shown that bacteria in the mouth that are involved in the development of periodontal disease can move into the bloodstream and attach themselves to any damaged area and cause inflammation.

Dental Tech Denture Clinics

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WEXFORD – The Whitemill Medical Centre, Wexford – Call 053 9192999

WATERFORD – Waterford Health Park, Waterford – Call 051 365999

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