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Ireland Business Awards
Dental Tech Group – Health Business 2019!!!

All-Ireland Health Business Award Winner 2019

Dental Tech Group is an All-Ireland Business Award winner for the second year in a row! We won the Health Business award for 2019 and our team is beyond proud! To be recognized like this for what we do is such an honour.

What does All-star accreditation means to Dental Tech Group?

It means that we have something to back up that we are exceptional at what we do. It means we got the All-stars to acknowledge that we are best in class. This accreditation is for our team and for our clients to know that we are the best of the best! It’s a great achievement!

We’re paving the way for a new model in dentistry. Also in how services are delivered across the sector of nursing homes and home care dental and denture in Ireland.

What we do and why we are the best?

Dental Tech Group change the lives of the ageing population of Ireland. The team does it by providing access to dental and denture solutions so people can eat, talk and socialize with confidence. All in the comfort of their own homes and nursing homes.

In our regional Denture clinics we are renowned for making bespoke high-quality dentures.

We reach everyone with our Nursing Home dental and denture services by going to them regardless of their mobility.

Currently we are working in more than 110 nursing homes in Dublin and surrounding counties,looking after more than 5000 residents per year.

Dental Tech’s team provides constant education and training to improve the quality of life for the residents with detailed oral care plans for each resident, and the necessary skills training for the staff to ensure the daily routine can be improve the overall quality of the care.

How was the All-stars accreditation process?

Over the last number of months we have been very busy working with the All-Ireland Business Foundation to achieve our Business All-Star Accreditation Certificate, and this accreditation is an outstanding achievement which recognizes the hard work and dedication of our team.

The official certification was at the awards ceremony in Croke Park on Wednesday May 1st 2019.

“Going through the All-stars was tough, but it was amazing! We had to show off what we do, and we had to let everybody know what we do and how great we do it.” (Bevin Mahon – Co-owner and Managing Director at Dental Tech Group)

Business All-Star accredited companies are businesses which meet the highest standards of verified performance, trust and customer centricity, and by achieving this accreditation, we join a unique group of businesses.

The All-Star health business award continues to demonstrate our commitment to improving our service to our customers and suppliers.

How did Dental Tech Group achieved it?

By working hard, having an amazing team that goes above and beyond! We are passionate about delivering the best results and we love changing people’s lives and help them smile again!

One of the biggest challenge that our clients would face, particularly in our nursing home division, would be patients who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer to get them to a local clinic in order to receive the treatment.

Also, the stress of getting them out of their environment and comfort zone, getting in a taxi to go to a local practice that might not have experience dealing with patient with dementia or limited mobility. Our team actually go to them offering a proactive service (http://www.dentaltech.ie/nursing-homes-dental-care/).

“we don’t wait for a tooth ache; we go there and put an oral care plan in action.” (Matthew Hogan – Head of Operations at Dental Tech Group)

Dental Tech Group believes that the measure of achievement is doing something that you appreciate and believe is worthwhile! And we are passionate about delivering exceptional results and on improving quality of life for the ageing community by providing to them access to dental and denture solutions.

“Being part of Dental Tech Group makes me feel part of a superior team!” (Charoula -Head of Marketing at Dental Tech Group)

Business All-Star Accreditation

Achieving Business All-Star Accreditation is a powerful way to gain trust and raise the profile of your business. It also gives customers the assurance that accredited companies are genuinely outstanding.

The Foundation promotes all accredited businesses to the Irish consumers. This gives them confidence and reassurance when making their purchasing decisions.

Businesses are given the opportunity to engage in peer-dialogue and collaboration to support each other by forming part of the foundation’s TRIBE. The TRIBE (The Register of Irish Business Excellence) is an honour roll of companies and leaders with a proven commitment to business excellence.

We are very excited and proud of this achievement for Dental Tech Group!  Thank you to everyone for supporting our business!

Special thanks to @All-Ireland Business Foundation (https://businessallstars.ie/) for such an inspirational day and outstanding atmosphere present in Croke Park! @BizAllStars

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