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Denture Designs
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Denture Design at Dental Tech Group

Denture design differs from person to person and types of dentures are specific to the person’s requirements. Whether it is a partial or complete denture that is required there are 3 key points that we feel are imperative when we are designing and fabricating your new bespoke dentures.

Our Denture Design Ethos:

The Fit
Your new dentures should fit you well and we ensure your denture fits your mouth as it is today. Your new dentures may fit you in places where your old denture does not.

It is important that we ensure your new dentures will function well so that you can eat and chew with confidence.

The Aesthetics
Your new dentures should fit you well and function correctly but they also need to look good. It is important that your new dentures look good and suit the shape of your face. The colour of the teeth, for partial dentures, matches your natural teeth or in the case of complete dentures, matches your complexion. The new dentures should be a replacement of your natural teeth and give you facial and lip support where needed.

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