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Why dentures don’t fit?
3 Reasons Dentures Don’t Fit?

Why dentures don’t fit?

Ill-fitting dentures are a major problem. Bad dentures make it difficult to eat the food you love, and worse, dentures that slide around in the mouth can cause sores or discomfort.

There are 3 main reasons dentures may not fit:

🔹 Jawbone loss and gums receding

Naturally over time our bone resorbs and so do our gums, hence the phrase “getting longer in the tooth”.  Gradually over time we show more tooth as the gums resorb and shrink as we get older.  The bone resorbing speeds up around tooth loss, so as soon as a tooth or teeth come out, the bone that held the teeth shrinks away, this generally happens within 6-8 weeks of having a tooth extracted or following a tooth falling out. And then gradually further shrinkage happens over time due to age

🔹 The Life of a Denture is 5 years, yes FIVE years

Many people wear dentures for a long time, some would even say that there’s no need to change them because they are so comfortable.  However, imagine wearing the same pair of shoes for 5 years? How would your knees feel, what kind of support would those shoes be providing your hips, your joints?

The same can be said for dentures, good, well-fitting dentures can support the gums and underlying bone and slow down the process of bone and gum shrinkage which help aid suction of dentures.  Replacing your dentures within those 5 years will help to slow things down as well as improve your health, help you to chew food better and also give you great support to your face in all the right places.

🔹 Reached dentures lifetime span.

Dentures are made from a man-made material which deteriorates over time. The life of a denture is considered to be 5 years as the material deteriorates it can become weaker and therefore be prone to breaking. Also over time your mouth changes and as a result the dentures may not be fitting as well as they once were.

🔹 Dentures warp overtime

Dentures will warp overtime because of age or maintenance issues.

When dentures are not stored properly, they dry out and change shape.

Find how to care for your dentures in our blog article here 

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