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What has your favourite dress or car tyres got to do with dentures_
What Has Your Favourite Dress Or Car Tyres Got To Do With Dentures?

If The Dentures Fit Wear Them!

What happens when the denture you have been wearing for years starts to give you trouble?  Why has the dentures fit changed, it used to be so comfortable and you could eat anything?

Have you a favourite dress or suit hanging in your wardrobe that you hope one day you will be able to wear again?  Perhaps it will or not fit today because you have lost weight or put it on.

Would you drive a car with worn or bald tyres?  No, of course not.

So what has your favourite dress or car tyres got to do with dentures?

The answer is, absolutely nothing!

The only remotely connecting theme is, if your dress will not fit, you KNOW why. If your car tyres are worn down, you KNOW they will not hold their grip on the road, and you KNOW why they have worn.

If your denture starts to give you trouble by not fitting well or the teeth are worn flat and you cannot chew food, it’s because YOUR MOUTH HAS CHANGED.  The basic denture shape may stay the same, but it will be quite worn.

Over time our mouth changes as bones shrink and resorb.  This causes dentures to become loose.  The very action of chewing causes the biting surface of the denture causes a see-saw effect in the mouth as it becomes loose and then that speeds up even further the looseness and the dentures not fitting and also to become worn and flat.  Dentures are the only item many people wear 24/7 and this is the main reason they wear out.

How can we help you?

Dentures should be rebased or relined after 2 years to give a new tighter fitting surface to the dentures.They should be replaced entirely every five years for all of the above reasons.  Having said that we know people wear dentures for many, many, years.  Try looking at a photo of yourself many, many, years ago and see has your face changed.  Ideally your denture should fit comfortably and allow you to eat and smile with ease.  Most importantly, when made correctly, the denture should support your facial muscles. It will also hopefully recreate the smile you had in those special days and special moments captured in those pictures.

At Dental Tech Group we pride ourselves on making dentures that will give you great fit, comfort and support so you can eat, chew and speak with confidence.  We often remark to our patients about how our impression and measurement routine is as important as getting fitted for the wedding dress.

So, next time you look at the “special outfit” sitting in the wardrobe or check the tyres on your car or feel your denture has changed, think DENTALTECHGROUP.

Dental Tech Group Dentures for your next denture.

Mary DirectorArticle by Mary Mahon, Director and Co-Owner of Dental Tech Group

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