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Do I Need Dentures Straight After A Tooth Extraction?

There is no need to travel away from Ireland to search for a trustworthy dental clinic to have a tooth extraction or to start the process of getting new dentures. People used to believe that the best professionals were living abroad but we at Dental Tech Group have changed this.

Sometimes in the dentures process, a patient needs to have a tooth (or teeth) removed and the mere thought is enough to cause panic in some people. It is perfectly normal to feel somewhat anxious before undergoing oral surgery but what should be kept in mind is that any opportunity to improve one’s health is worthwhile and should be encouraged.

The techniques involved in these surgeries are highly advanced and at Dental Tech we have a team of skilled dentures specialists ready to draw up the very best treatment plan for each patient.

Why do I need an extraction?

There are several reasons why you might need teeth extracted, the most common ones include:

Trauma to the face: this occurs primarily when a patient has suffered an accident and the tooth and/or the root has been seriously injured. The best alternative is to remove and replace the broken tooth.

To facilitate orthodontic treatment: in order to open up space to facilitate orthodontic treatment, a dentist may suggest an extraction in addition to the use of braces to align and harmonize the patient’s smile.

Serious infection or decay: if teeth are too damaged by a lack of oral health, infection may set in. If the infection has reached the centre of the tooth and causes an infection, an extraction could be necessary.

Natural causes: as people age, their bones become weaker. This can cause a tooth to fall out resulting in changes to the structure to the mouth and gum. This can have an impact on health and can cause other issues. In these cases, the removal of some teeth might be necessary.

Are teeth extractions painful? How does the process work?

No, you won’t feel pain, only a little pressure on your month and for a few seconds only. The process for extractions is very simple:

Your denture specialist can take an X ray to check if there are any difficulties.
Anesthesia will be applied to numb the area around the tooth or teeth if this is the case.
Using a tool called an ‘elevator’, the dentist will loosen the tooth from the bone and the gum. When this is done, a dental forceps will then be used to gently ease the tooth out.
Once the tooth is out, the dentist will place a gauze to stop any bleeding and put pressure on the site and place several stitches which will then disappear after a couple of days.
Pay attention to the dentist’s instruction about the recovery process especially about what not to eat and how to best care for your teeth.
The entire procedure takes around 20 -40 minutes.

Do I get my dentures now?

Once your gums have healed after the extraction, you can go back to your denture specialist to start using your temporary denture. The temporary denture is similar to a mockup of your final denture and will help with chewing and will preserving the pressure around your jaws and your mouth during the denture process, which we will be explain in our next article when you will be ready to have your real and natural looking dentures fitted.

Nowadays the process to have a beautiful, natural and functional smile is very accessible and possible; it is closer than you imagine. Contact us on 01 4551866 or email clinics@dentaltech.ie to book a FREE denture consultation with one of our specialists.

You are probably asking yourself “how can I find the best dental clinic near me, for this kind
of procedure?”. You can find Dental Tech Denture Clinics in the following places:

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