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Why digital is the core of modern dentistry_
Why Digital Scanning is the Core of Modern Dentistry?

Last months in our Dublin clinic our dentists and clinical dental technicians scan a lot of cases that need impressions. Digital is the core of modern dentistry. We took the chance to ask our clinical dental technician; Mario to tell us a bit more about why the core of modern dentistry is digital.

Why digital scanning is the core of modern dentistry?

IOS or Intra Oral Scanning is so much more than just taken a digital impression. The scanner is one of those fantastic tools that benefit everybody, clinicians and patients.

Scanned images can be used to educate patients on their treatment and oral health. Scanning is a very safe, quick and easy way of getting an instant 3D image of your mouth.

Scanning allows us to monitor our patient’s oral health, something that for me as Clinician found particularly important. We can record scans so we can detect tooth wear and gingival changes which are critical for a clinical evaluation.

I am amazed by people’s reaction when they see for first time on the screen their own mouth. It triggers so many questions, it helps people to get more involved with their treatment. It’s a phenomenal communication tool between patients and clinicians. For me, personally, explaining what I am going to do at the beginning of the treatment during the consultation and then again on every appointment, it’s a crucial part of my job and it’s something that people appreciate. I want and I need from my patients to get involved in their treatment as much as possible. This communication improves the results significantly. Making a huge impact on the smile that we are creating and the levels of comfort that we want to achieve. The 3D image lets me explain and design the smile in a way that you can actually see how is going to be and you can be part of it. I need you to be part of it and get involve. We can create the smile that you always wanted together.

Scanning gives us predictability on the results, removing the ‘guessing’ factor that some patients are worried about.

Digital scanning gives us an edge on traditional impression techniques and materials which are by natura perishable.

The accuracy of the scan is remarkable. Having spent the last thirty years of my career dealing with traditional impressions taken with alginate or silicone materials I can see how scanning is going to revolutionize the way dentures are made.

Article by Mario Viveros, Clinical Dental Technician at Dental Tech Group

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