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Why My Dog Wants My Dentures

What really nice treat could you give your dog – One that you really don’t want to give, but he got anyway?

Well, the answer is YOUR DENTURE, now these are the real Doggy Dentures. Your favourite pooch loves you, loves to lick your hand, lick your face and loves the smell of your denture. But much as you love him you are not giving him your denture, at least, not intentionally. So how do you prevent your denture becoming your dog’s favourite chewy treat?

Ensure your denture is well fitting, secure in your mouth and comfortable.  At Dental Tech we have the expertise to give you such a denture. The older a denture is, the more loose it becomes in your mouth and if it’s also uncomfortable the more inclined you are to put it in your pocket, wrap it in tissue, or just leave it lying around.  These are some of the ways your dog can get what he thinks is his rightful treat and make doggy dentures. This is why it is recommended to change your dentures every five years or so.  Over time dentures become worn due to everyday use and gums may shrink over the years.

In the event your lovely canine friend does get your denture there are a few things you can do.  Of course, some of these things depend upon the length of time he chewed it.  If you catch him quickly and it is not damaged, you can wash and disinfect the denture and put it back where it belongs, in your mouth.  If he has it for a while, depending upon how hungry he is, it may have a few bite marks.  Don’t worry, in Dental Tech we are used to all these situations, our team can smooth and polish it to make comfortable again.  However, if your pet pooch has your denture for a really long while then most likely it is chewed to bits, pieces missing (did Fido swallow them) or bent and distorted out of shape.

If any of the above happens to you, we are here to help you. At Dental Tech we have come across these situations many times, but due to patient confidentiality we don’t tell, mums the word. Our team are used to dealing with emergencies and can assist you to get back to wearing comfortable, secure dentures.

Mary DirectorArticle by Mary Mahon, Director and Co-Owner of Dental Tech Group

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