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I Wish I Had Met You Earlier!

Meet Mario Viveros Our Clinical Dental Technician

Hello, my name is Mario, I am one of the clinicians at Dental Tech. I’ve been working here for a number of years now, providing bespoke, high quality dentures to the community and the one thing that I hear time and time again is: ‘I wish I had met you earlier!!!’

There are a lot of people that have a fear to dentist, and I can understand that. Most of the people that we see are baby boomers and lets’ face it, looking after the teeth wasn’t a priority back then, it’s not that their parents didn’t care but more like they didn’t know how to care and to be honest the options available wouldn’t be great either. Couple that with the fact that dentistry wasn’t regulated the way it is now and it’s a recipe for disaster.

I see people every day that belong to my parents’ generation and the story is all too common. People had teeth removed when they were far too young. Back in the days, when dentist used to go to schools and perform treatments without parents’ consent. Some of you were only teenagers, the first time got dentures or in your early twenties. Some got the dentures as a wedding present. They had their teeth removed and they were given a set of dentures and that was the end of that. People got on with their lives. I hear the same story day in day out.

The thing is… for the person who lives this experience it feels so personal so close to home, it can be very emotional and of course it is. It feels like you are the only ones. Very isolated, carrying this big secret with you. The fact is that reality is very different, a lot of people went through the same struggle.

A lot of people just carry on using the same set of dentures for years, even decades. They know that they need to be replaced but those memories from their youth are strong and that fear to the dentist is very real. People tell me that they hear our add on the radio and they want to come in but they just can’t. Until the denture breaks or there is a big family gathering and then hesitantly, they give us a call. 

Let me tell you what happens when you come in to see us.

  • You’ll be warmly welcome by the very friendly Amy, who will make you feel at home.
  • On this first day, we can have a good chat. You can me all the issues that you have with the teeth and how you want the new ones to be, look and feel. 
  • We will take an impression, this is a mould of the gums with a jelly soft material.
  • Next visit, we take a second mould more precise that give us a lot more detail and makes the denture fit really well.
  • On your third visit which takes place one week later, we try a sample of the teeth, at this point they are made out of wax so we can make changes and improvements following your requirements and preferences. 

Remember, we don’t move to the next appointment until you are completely happy with it. You are more than welcome to bring a family member or someone that knows you well to get a second opinion.

Only when you are happy with what you see and feel and I am happy with my checks for functionality we will finish the denture. Once we get the go ahead, we’ll get them ready to be fitted.

Every time you come in gets easier and the appointments themselves are easier as well, the best one for our patients is the day of the fitting. This is the day when the dentures are ready for you and you can take them home. For me the best visit is when we do the review a few weeks after the fitting. Because at this point you have had the chance to try the dentures. You wear them, you eat with them. You talk and smile.

And this is when people tell me all those stories; when you went to the restaurant and you ordered what you wanted to eat and not what your dentures let you eat.  You look better, healthier, you regain that lip support that was sinking in. You tell me that you smile more. You tell me that you went to a wedding and for first time you smile for the pictures.

The new dentures have improved your quality of life. And then you tell me; ‘I wish I’d came here earlier !!!’

Mario ViverosArticle by Mario Viveros, Clinical Dental Technician at Dental Tech Group

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