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Missing Tooth repair
Lose One – Lose them all?

Why Is It Important To Replace Missing Teeth?

According to the pan-European survey, 42% of Irish adults “are missing teeth”. The reasons why the teeth are missing may vary from decay and gum disease to injuries.

Why should we replace missing teeth?

Gaps in your smile can affect your self-confidence, your bite and your jawbone.

It is important to replace missing teeth because when you lose a tooth there isn’t contact with the opposing arch anymore. This can lead the opposing teeth to gradually overerupt. The bone resorption can in turn cause other issues such as mobility, cracks, gum problems etc and when a tooth starts to become mobile it is at a great risk of falling out.

“Your mouth is the first organ of your digestive system. Missing teeth affect not just your appearance but your overall health,” underlines Dr. German Gallucci, executive director of the Harvard Dental Centre.
One of the best reasons to replace missing teeth is simply to get back your confidence. It feels great having a healthy smile with no gaps and you’ll feel great for photos!


Another really important reason for replacing lost teeth is because of function. Teeth allow us to chew and speak properly. Loosing teeth affect these functions; By missing a tooth or several teeth, you might face difficulties in pronouncing words or chewing your food.

The long-term aftereffect of missing tooth is bone resorption. Replacing a missing tooth, helps to slow down bone resorption and support the remaining bone. Bone loss in the jaw bone can lead to teeth loosening and then tooth loss. When jaw bone resorbs, cheeks and jaw line can be affected. Dentures are a super replacement for anyone that is missing a tooth. Even one tooth should be replaced because at the long term affects it causes.

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