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Old Dentures can have a Negative Impact on your Health!

Oral health is about so much more than just the health of the mouth, teeth, and gums. There is a connection between oral hygiene and health in the rest of your body. Some serious health problems that can be caused by bad oral health, such as heart disease, pneumonia and respiratory infections and old dentures. (link: https://www.dentaltech.ie/can-dental-health-affect-overall-health/ )

With the direct links between the mouth, oral health and overall health and wellbeing this is becoming the hot topic.  That age-old fear factor of visiting the dentist is starting to subside and we are becoming more vigilant with our health.  The mouth is of course the link to the entire body, so it makes perfect sense to have a look at the mouth when we consider total health.

Here at Dental Tech Group we are keen to offer advice for people around oral health and taking care of teeth and dentures and especially for the ageing population, who sometimes may not be in a position to access the dentist.  This is why we have also been working on and designing our new online course “Oral Care for Older Adults”, launched in 2020 to educate carers and nurses on how to help their clients and patients improve their oral daily care.

It is amazing, but many people don’t know that the recommended life of a denture is 5 years.

(Just one of the small tips we include on the online training.)  The reason for this is that after several years the material starts to deteriorate and becomes porous, not to the naked eye, but under a microscope,  and bacteria can creep into those pores to a level that it is difficult to remove with regular cleaning, this bacteria can contribute to numerous health issues that we may not even think are related to dentures.  So, replacing dentures after 5 years can be a key contributor to improving health.

The key initiative of this training tool is to help people learn some simple tools to improve their overall health through improving their mouth health or oral health and also the reasons behind why it is important.

Dental Tech Group paved the way on how people access these services

Here at Dental Tech Group we are not doing just that.  We offer dental and denture services in our denture and dental clinics, but we also offer a unique service; fully portable denture and dental service. Our teams take their portable kits and go to nursing homes to look after residents, we even provide this service in people’s homes.

During pandemic, we wanted to stay close to our patients and make sure that they are looked after. So, we launched our Teledentist service. (Here I will insert link to direct people on our teledentist page). With this service we have everyone covered from the comfort of their own home! We offer a range of Online consultations with our team to help discuss or support our patients with any of their dental or denture issues without having to leave their house!


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