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Oral health and covid
The Importance of the Oral Cavity during the infection of COVID-19

The importance of the Oral cavity during the infection of COVID-19

There is more evidence of the relation between the oral cavity COVID-19, and the rest of the body. The mouth is not isolated. The Oral health is closely related to the general health. On one hand, there are pathologies in other parts of the body that have repercussions on the oral cavity. Diabetes for example has a higher risk of periodontal diseases and caries, amongst others.

On the other hand, there are pathologies and oral disorders that have consequences on our quality of life, like xerostomia, hypersensitivity or halitosis. Not only that, there is more scientific evidence of the relationship between periodontitis and more than 50 systemic pathologies. Some of these include cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke), diabetes, adverse results during pregnancy ( premature birth, underweight babies, preeclampsia) or respiratory diseases ( EPOC, pneumonia) increasing the risk of development or worsening such diseases. Recently, it’s been proven that people with periodontitis and COVID-19 have up to 9 times more risk of mortality than those people without periodontitis.

That’s why, at certain times of higher risk of these infections it’s important to take every preventive measure we can. Including using face masks, keep social distance with other people and washing hands regularly. This we know but it’s highly advisable to increase the Oral Health measures you take like flossing, professional teeth cleaning.


For those who are sharing a bathroom make sure to use a disinfectant wipe on the taps and in the sink BEFORE and AFTER you start brushing or flossing or rinsing. This will help to reduce the risk of cross infection.

At Dentaltech, we have a team of highly skilful and dedicated dentists that can check your gums and teeth in a safe environment.

Did you know that the mouth is the path of entry of different microorganisms that can produce infections?

The oral cavity plays a very important role in the infection of COVID-19. The mouth has receptors of coronavirus that allow it to anchor and reproduce itself. So, the mouth has to be considered as a High-Risk factor for the development of this virus.

Preventive measures in the oral cavity.

Use mouth washes and tooth paste with CPC. Cetylpyridine Chloride (CPC) has been proven to have the ability to degrade viruses with a lipid wrap, similar to the one presented by coronavirus. In a clinical trial it had a preventable effect against the infection of virus such as influenza, rhinovirus and coronavirus.

To have a good oral health is advisable to brush the teeth and to gargle with products that contain Cetylpyridine Chloride.

Cetylpyridine Chloride (CPC) is an Oral antiseptic that offers effective protection.

Don’t forget to clean your tongue.

The hygiene of the tongue is important on a daily basis for the removal of lingual covering. This contains bacteria, viruses and loose epidermal cells. In addition, coronavirus infection depends on the level of anchorage from the virus to their specific receptors, which are located in high density on the oral tissues.

Don’t forget to clean your tongue, because it accumulates large quantities of oral pathogens.

Extreme the hygiene measures of your tooth brush.

The bristles present a perfect scenario for the proliferation of oral pathogens, especially when the environment is wet and little aerated. Change the tooth brush or head in case of electric brushes after being infected to prevent contagion or relapse. Always use a brush with an aerated cup.

Replace your brush and choose one with a perforated cup to prevent and avoid the proliferation of pathogens.

Interproximal cleaning for a 100% complete hygiene.

The tooth brush is the basic our daily oral hygiene but it only reaches 60% of the tooth surface. What happened with the other 40%?. That is the interproximal area and it’s where the oral biofilm accumulates, which causes the main oral pathologies, like caries, gingivitis and halitosis.

Cleaning between the teeth ensures a 100% complete oral hygiene.

Article by Mario Viveros, Clinical Dental Technician at Dental Tech Group

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