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So Far So Perfect, Just Like Their Dentures

“I had surgery on the 20th March. The surgery included removing all but two of my teeth. After feeling very self-conscious I decided to go for a consultation in Dental Tech. From the very first visit I felt completely at ease. I was taken care of by an amazing team whom was always available for any questions. They did an excellent job! I’m more than happy with the result and would highly recommend Dental Tech to anyone. Thank you all at Dental Tech.” – O.W. – 20/08/2018 – Wicklow

Growing a business can be a real hard task with lots of obstacles on the way and any business owners all over will tell you the same, it’s your customers and your team that get you ahead time and time again.  And you definitely know the business is on the right road when it wins an important title such as the “All Ireland All Star Business Awards”, when it achieves huge goals such as expanding their nursing home dental and denture service to more counties, when the need of new staff members moves to the top of the priority list, and last and certainly not least the superb feedback from customers such as the one mentioned above is now the norm.

So far this year has been an incredible year for the Dental Tech Group who now have denture clinics in Dublin, Kildare, Wexford and Waterford and is now providing dental and denture services to more than 100 nursing homes.  Earlier this year the company competed with lots of great business around Ireland but in the end they took home the gold, they won the 2018 All Ireland All Star Award for the Small Business for the high standard quality of their services and products, and for delivering exactly what they promise to their patients. “It was a tough win as we were competing with other amazing companies, but we took it home from Croke Park and it’s all due to our team who has put a lot of effort and hard work into delivering only the best to our patients and of course also thanks to the trust our lovely patients have with Dental Tech’s team.” Says Bevin Mahon – Managing director.

The Dental Tech Group has also reached a huge goal in 2018 which they have worked so hard to achieve, they have now expanded their nursing home denture and dental service to more counties in Ireland. Dental Tech currently works with over 100 Nursing Homes taking care of the resident’s denture and dental needs and as standard carry out oral cancer screening as part of their service and now are looking forward. “There are a lot of Nursing Homes in the Ireland that need our services and being able to expand and reach more people and change so many more lives is a huge step for us and we couldn’t be happier about this achievement. We want to provide access to our service to everyone and Change Their Lives, ensuring everyone has access to basic routine dental health and well fitting, great looking dentures so they can eat chew and talk with confidence is something we take for granted.” Says Bevin Mahon – Managing Director.

With such huge achievements and growth comes the need for new staff to be able to maintain their high quality service and that has turned out to be on the top of the priority list for Dental Tech, they have hired and are still hiring new staff to join their amazing team. “Bringing more highly qualified Dentists, Clinical Dental Technicians’s, Nurses and Assistants to work with us only shows how much we have grown and how we are committed to only offering the best service to our patients in all our denture clinics and through our nursing home service.” – Bevin Mahon – Managing Director.

Dental Tech Group has the mission to change people’s lives, to bring their quality of living, talking, eating and smiling to another level, they want to improve or bring people’s confidence back through their amazing denture service so they can live a happy, light and wonderful life.

Dental Tech Group – September 2018
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