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The Little Secret To A Healthy Life

The Little Secret To A Healthy Life

Did you know laughter is a really good medicine? Yes, it’s been tested and proven by several different renowned Universities. Studies say that laughing 15 minutes per day reduces pain and allows us to tolerate discomfort, it also reduces blood sugar levels, increasing glucose tolerance in diabetics and non diabetics alike. The list of good things laughter brings you is huge, here are some other really good benefits:

  • Laughter improves your job performance, especially if your work depends on creativity and solving complex problems;
  • Helps your blood vessels function well, which is good for your heart and brain;
  • Establishes a positive emotional climate and a sense of connection between two people and consequently brings people together;
  • Reduces stress hormone levels, by reducing the level of stress hormones, you cut anxiety and stress that is bad for your body;
  • Improves cardiac health, it is a great cardio workout, especially for those who are incapable of doing other physical activities.

The list could go on and on and it is that simple to benefit from all of these, after all, everyday life gives you a different reason to laugh about.

What Happens to your body when you laugh? You stretch muscles throughout your face and body, your blood pressure goes up and you breathe faster, which sends more oxygen to your tissues. Some researchers believe that a good and long laughter brings you the same benefits as a workout and that it can burn calories too; according to Maciej Buchowski, a researcher from Vanderbilt University (Tennessee, United States), 10 to 15 minutes of laughter can burn up to 50 calories.

What are we waiting for to start laughing and get all of this benefits?

Laughing should be at everyone’s reach, it’s something simple but also something lots of people are afraid of.   Life can throw lots of things at you that make it hard to laugh and we understand that it’s hard laughing when you’re not confident about your smile.   The truth is there are no big secretes to being confident about your smile, you got to be happy with yourself, with your teeth appearance and with who you are, and that’s it!

Natural teeth? Dentures?

It doesn’t matter if you have natural teeth or if you wear dentures, the important thing is that you feel great with your smile and that you don’t waste one more minute missing out all of this great things smiling and laughing brings to you.

Now, if you are not happy or confident about your smile, either you have natural teeth or dentures, here is another little secret on how to be confident… You can get in touch with Dental Tech Group 01 4551866, they have brought back confidence to over 10,000 people and those lucky ones are for sure getting all of these benefits from laughter.

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