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The best review of my career
Why this “Very Happy” has been one of the best reviews of my career

First Visit

I got a review the other day that read ‘Very Happy’. It looked quite simple and the space allocated on the form for feedback looked very empty with only two words. Yet it’s the best review that I have ever received and thought about sharing this with you. My name is Mario, I am one of the Clinicians here at Dentaltech.

We like to ask our patients at the end of the treatment for Feedback. With the aim to improve the service that we provide. I always ask them to be as honest as possible.

Last week I fitted a set of dentures, the lady was a bit anxious as she had never used dentures before so she didn’t know what to expect. The fitting went rather well and she was quite happy with the look and feel. So, as usual, we asked her to come back a few weeks later from her review to make sure that everything is the way it should be.

When she came back, she was over the moon. She’s been using her new teeth everyday which considering that she had never worn denture before is quite an achievement. She didn’t need any adjustment, and everybody had commented how well she looks.

I kindly asked her if she would write a Feedback form for us with the purpose of improving the service. This would help us to identify any areas for improvement that we may have. For some people coming to the dentist can cause anxiety and we want to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible. We want you to be part of it and we want you to enjoy it, after all you are taking part in a process that will improve your quality of life.

Last Visit

So here we are on the last visit. At this point I had completely forgotten that weeks earlier the lady told me that she suffers from a level of dyslexia. This had affected her whole life and even impacted on her confidence. She has great difficulty reading and writing. When she came in the first day for her consultation, she quietly asked me if I could fill the form for her.

She also said that she has spent her life looking after her family and this was the first time that she was doing something for herself.

 I was determined that we would do our utmost for her.

When I asked her if she would do the Feedback form for us, she said that she was so happy that she wanted to leave a record of her experience.  This lady has dyslexia and finds it extremely difficult to fill out forms. I know this as I assisted with the original medical history form at the start of her visit with us. As I have suffered from dyslexia myself, I can tell how difficult and important this must have been for her. So, she asked me for the form, she took her time to write and she even asked me if the spelling was correct. It read; ‘Very Happy’.

“I am lucky enough that I regularly get great reviews, but this is without a doubt the best one that I have ever received, it means a lot to me.”

This review shows that every case is different and unique. It shows that there is a person behind every denture that we make. We have improved this person’s quality of life. This is why we love what we do.

Why don’t you come you avail of our Free denture consultation and let us Improve the Quality of Your Life!

Article by Mario Viveros, Clinical Dental Technician at Dental Tech Group

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