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What type of dentures are the most suitable for me?

 What Type Of Dentures Are Most Suitable For Me?

A denture is a custom-made bespoke medical device that is designed to replace missing teeth (worn over the gums). They are removable and are usually made from real looking resin teeth bonded to an acrylic (plastic) or chrome (metal) base. Dentures help to give facial, lip and cheek support, help to improve with digestion especially improve chewing ability and speech. While dentures may take a little time to get used to, we will ensure they are natural looking and comfortable.

How Long Before I Get Used to My Dentures?

This varies from person to person but generally our clients take anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks for the new dentures to bed in.  Your new dentures will fit you in places that your old dentures did not or if you are new to dentures then you will have something in place where you were previously missing teeth.  At first this can feel a little strange or slightly odd but this only lasts a short time while the muscles in your mouth and tongue learn to adapt to your dentures.  Eating and speaking with dentures can take a little practice if you are new to dentures, however again this only lasts a couple of days.  We would always advise our clients to persevere with the feeling of the dentures being a little odd, however if any irritation or soreness develops then a slight adjustment might be needed and this is all covered on your aftercare service.

How Long do Dentures Last?

While some people will wear dentures for many many years without ever considering replacing them, this would not be advisable and can seriously affect your health.  The general rule is that dentures over 5 years should be replaced with new ones.  Within the 5 years your dentures may also need adjustments such as having a new fitting surface added which is called a reline or having them rebased or even replaced withing that time due to other factors such as losing a natural tooth.  The 5 year recommendation came about due to a number of things, the material that dentures are made with is a man-made type of plastic which deteriorates over time.  The material becomes porous and collects bacteria over time that becomes imbedded in the material, no amount of cleaning can remove this bacteria, prolonged exposure has been linked to stomach and intestinal upset.  Secondly your mouth, gums and tissue change over time and while dentures may still feel comfortable after a few years, they can be compared to a set of comfortable shoes after a few years: they may feel comfortable but they are likely not giving you the support you need and can cause damage to gums, remaining teeth and underlying bone. Picture wearing the same pair of shoes day in day out for 3 or 4 years, can you imagine what they look like or how they are supporting your body or more importantly not?

Do I have options for my new dentures/ The different Type of dentures

We are often asked by clients what are the different types of dentures and do you have options.  Yes is the answer, there are options but whether acrylic or metal framed dentures are the better option for you.  Generally we offer both options to our clients IF they are a candidate for them.  Part of your Free Denture Consultation that we offer is to help determine the best options suited to you.  So while there are different types of dentures namely acrylic (plastic) or chrome (metal), there are a few considerations when deciding on which type are right for you.

There is no point having a denture that looks amazing but is too loose, equally there is no point in having a denture that fits really well but you are embarrassed to smile because you don’t like the teeth or worse you only put the teeth in to chew your food or even worse there is no point having a denture that doesn’t fit and you cannot eat with it so you only put in for photos.   Hence, our 3 key deliverables for your new dentures are that they fit really well and fit your mouth as it is today, they have to function properly so that you can eat and chew and speak confidently and then thirdly they need to look great and look natural.

Aesthetics / Will my dentures look natural

Your dentures should be a replacement of your natural teeth and with this in mind we are very meticulous in designing your new dentures to look as close as possible to what your natural teeth look or looked like. We match the size and shape of the teeth to suit the form and shape of your face and what naturally would be there and then we look at matching the shade of teeth with your complexion or match with natural teeth if you have some remaining.

With Chrome cobalt dentures (metal plated) the design varies from person to person but generally as a rule when we are replacing only some of the natural teeth then there will be clasps that form part of the denture framework.  These clasps are designed to ensure great retention on the denture and fit around some of your remaining natural teeth.  On occasion these clasps could be visible in the mouth when you smile or talk so we discuss this with you as part of the aesthetic journey of getting your new dentures.

With all of our dentures and to ensure you are happy with your new smile we offer 2 additional checks around aesthetics, one is that at your try-in or trial stage you can take the dentures home with you to see what they look like in your natural surroundings.  Of course they wont fit you properly at this stage as they are only the trial before the finish but it is a great opportunity to spend a little time checking them out before we go and finish, see how they look when you smile and speak. 

The second thing is we offer a picture match, if you have a picture of yourself with your natural teeth we will look at matching the shape and size to match what your natural teeth looked like.    Don’t worry though if you don’t have a picture, or even if you lost your dentures altogether: your mouth and the shape of your face dictates what naturally should be there and that’s why we are so good at what we do, our team can rebuild your smile to match naturally

Time / How long will it take to have my new dentures

We have been known to make miracles happen and make a new denture in a day, however we would only recommend this in the cases of an emergency of a lost tooth or lost denture.  As your denture forms a very important part of your life we advise taking a little time, so we would usually arrange your appointments over two to three weeks so that you have a couple of days in between each appointment.  It can take a little longer to make your chrome if that’s the most suited for you so you could just add on a week to the journey, making it about 3 weeks from start to finish.

Function / Will my dentures work like my natural teeth

Whether your new dentures is a Metal framed denture or acrylic it needs to functions correctly so you can eat, chew and speak confidently.  During your appointments we have several techniques that we use to ensure we are making your new teeth so they work properly, helping you to chew your food, fit you really well and enjoy life.  Some dentures are palate free and some cover your palate.  The design of the denture will be determined by what you personally need to get the best results.

Comfort / Will my new dentures be comfortable and fit me really well

We get asked this question all the time and the answer is yes, your new dentures with us will fit you really well and they will be comfortable.  When we make your new denture it possibly will fit you in places your old denture did not.  As your mouth changes over time it is important that the fit is the primary consideration, part of the service that out clients appreciate the most is the follow up and aftercare service. 

New dentures are a little bit like a new pair of shoes and they may irritate in areas that your other dentures were not even fitting and of course everything is magnified in the mouth.  With new shoes we all know that you just need to persevere, there is not much can be done but with your dentures we can do adjustments and that is why our aftercare is so important.  You may need adjustments and easing and that’s what we are here for and it is all covered as part of your new smile journey.

Cost of dentures / What is my investment in my new smile

Prices vary depending on the type of dentures you require, whether it is a partial or full denture and whether it is top or bottom or both.  The material that forms the frame of the denture can also affect the price, Chrome Cobalt dentures can cost a little more than acrylic dentures due to work and materials taken to make them.  We offer a Free Denture Consultation with no obligation to discuss the type of dentures most suitable for you. During this assessment you will also receive a quote that is designed to suit what you need, to improve your quality of life.

Bevin MahonArticle by Bevin Mahon, B.Soc.Sc.  Managing Director of Dental Tech Group and passionate about improving quality of life for our clients

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