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What was the real reason she was afraid to come out of the water?

It might have been an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini – But what was the real reason she was afraid to come out of the water? 

We have already said how important it is to take care of your denture.  But what happens when you have lost or mislaid your denture and cannot find it.  Did the dog eat it?  Did you throw it into the fire when it was wrapped in tissue?  Or did you lose it on holidays?  There are many ways of losing your dentures, but we won’t go there due to patient confidentiality, mums the word.  In Dentaltech we have dealt with all of those lost denture situations and worked with our clients to bring about a happy outcome.

Holidays, a really happy family time often spent with friends. Or a getaway time for adults to relax and enjoy alone time. A lot of organising goes into holidays either at home or abroad.  Booking hotels and possibly flights, arranging the right clothes for the resort. Bringing possibly two (or more) of everything, two hats, two pair shoes, two (?) dresses, two swimsuits etc.  You get the picture.

Polka Dot Bikini

So you are swimming in a warm balmy climate, the golden sands stretch for miles/kilometres, and suddenly a wave hits your face, you cough and your denture pops out.  You’re not wearing a yellow polka dot bikini but you are afraid to come out of the water.  Eventually, after searching in vain for your denture, realising it was gone forever, you leave the water and spend the rest of your holiday in your hotel room.  None of your friends know you wear dentures, your husband never sees you without them and there is no chance to get a denture made in the time you have left.  You do not have a spare denture.

Quite often when a denture wearer gets new dentures they discard the old dentures.  In Dentaltech we always advise our clients to keep their old denture as a ‘spare’. Put it on your holiday list. Keep it in a safe place, take it out periodically to clean and disinfect so it stays in good condition.  If dentures are replaced after the recommended five years the ‘old’ denture becomes the ‘spare’ denture.  Perhaps it might be a little worn and not fit one hundred percent but it certainly will help you out if you do actually lose your denture.  So keep smiling and don’t be afraid to come out of the water.

Mary DirectorArticle by Mary Mahon, Director and Co-Owner of Dental Tech Group

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