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Why Denture Relines Are So Important?

Why denture relines are so important?

If your dentures are getting a bit loose, don’t worry, It’s quite normal. This is caused by shrinking of the bone and underlining gums. As the gum is not holding natural teeth anymore, the alveolar ridge tends to resorb. When this happens there will be a small gap between the denture and the gum which will make them loose. We can solve that problem by denture relines, essentially closing the gap therefore regaining that stability and suction.

Denture need retention, they need stability and they need support the loss of bone will make them loose. Furthermore, it will change the bite, the way you close with you back teeth. This becomes very annoying, when you try to eat and the food goes under the plate. The loss of retention will also cause the top plate to drop. Dentures moving can also be the source of ulcers, some people may experience a clicking noise when talking.

This is a very common occurrence. We see this in the clinic all the time. The recommendation would be a reline. This is a very straight forward process and pain free. When we do a reline, the teeth on the denture will be the same as you have now so you can keep that lovely smile but the base, the fitting surface, will be completely new. So, you get that great fit that you had when the dentures were brand new. 

Myself or one of my colleges take an impression of the gum so that the fitting surface of the denture will follow the shape of your anatomy as it is now. This takes about 20 minutes, then you just need to come back for the fitting. As you know, at Dental Tech Group, we have our own lab on site, this means that the process is even easier. When patients came to our clinic in Dublin, they’ll have the impression taken in the morning and the dentures will be ready in the afternoon for you to take home.  On the same day, that’s brilliant. don’t you think?

The reline brings back that feeling of retention, stability and support that is so important. It makes a huge difference. 

Mario ViverosArticle by Mario Viveros, Clinical Dental Technician at Dental Tech Group

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